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IMEDEEN Classic (1 available as of 20/05/22)

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Imedeen Classic Tablets hydrates the skin for a more radiant glow. Formulated with the cell’s natural structure components such as proteins, and polysaccharides, the Marine Complex™ is research-proven to help extend the lifespan of skin cells, delaying aging at the cellular level. In addition, it helps with the synthesis of collagen through its zinc and vitamin C enriched content.
  • Features exclusive Marine Complex™
  • Uses advanced patented skin care technology
  • Part of Imedeen anti-aging supplement range


  • Helps enhance the skin structure
  • Gives the skin its radiance
  • Raises the skin’s moisture content
  • Softens the skin for a suppler feel and look
Take two tablets per day. Visible results within 12-24 weeks.

  • Marine Complex™ - Contains fish proteins and polysaccharides similar to those found naturally in the skin’s supporting tissue.
  • Zinc - Essential for skin integrity and healthy cell renewal.
  • Vitamin C (acerola extract) - An antioxidant which plays an important role in the formation of collagen. All ingredients have been tested for safety and efficacy.


The beauty efficacy of Derma One has been examined in two randomized,
double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, an additional 12-month study and a small
pilot study. These studies included women of varying age, skin type and degree of photo-ageing. Data from these studies identified significant improvements in the appearance of photo-damaged skin for women taking IMEDEEN® Derma One compared with placebo; and improvements in additional measurements of skin condition including skin hydration.


People with known allergies to seafood or other marine products should not take Imedeen classic. Pregnant or lactating women should not take imedeen unless recommended by their doctor or health professional.