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ACU-Life Lice and Egg Removal System with Tea Tree Oil (Lice Removal kit)

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The Ezy Dose Kids Lice & Egg Removal System with Tea Tree Oil makes lice removal effective and safe. 
1. Use Lice Removal Spray Solution on Dry hair. Spray solution evenly on scalp and work your way down hair using half the bottle. Lightly massage scalp and hair.

2. Then place plastic cap on head for 15 mins making sure all hair is tucked in the cap. Do NOT leave child unattended while plastic cap is on the child's head.

3. RInse hair thoroughly with warm water.

4. Remove all snarls with an ordinary comb before using Lice Comb.

5. Separate hair into half inch sections, and ensure hair is still damp before using the lice comb. Place the teeth of the comb next to the scalp and gently comb to the ends of the hair. Be careful to pass through the same section several times and clean the comb after each pass. Repeat until the entire head is complete.

6. Check hair carefully and make sure you have not missed any lice or nits.

7. Shampoo and condition hair as normal.

8. Continue to inspect hair daily for 7-days for any undetected lice or eggs. If lice or eggs remain follow steps 1-7. If no lice or nits were detected, reapply the remaining contetns of lice removal spray solution seven days from first treatment and follow steps 1-7.

9. Clean comb with warm, soapy water after each session