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Daylesford Apothecary Baby Calm Tea

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A beautiful blend of herbs traditionally used to promote nutrient rich milk supply that aids digestion and increases digestive function. These herbs work wonders on babies and young children, ensuring they too are assimilating ample nutrients from their milk, to keep both mum and bub happy and relaxed


Place heaped teaspoon of tea per cup into a teapot or infuser. Add Boiling water and allow to brew for 5 or more minutes, strain and serve. 

Chamomile Calming and restorative to the nervous system
Lemon Balm  For vitality and liver-support. as well as expulsion of toxins from liver and kidneys.
Fennel Seeds Calms the digestive system and reduces bloating and flatulence
Aniseed Helps with digestive disturbance and sleep issues in babies
Caraway Seeds Promotes production of breast milk