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Better Breathing (Air Physio) Kids

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Better Breathing Device - Kids

The Better Breathing Kids uses an all-natural process to improve your child's breathing, gain that competitive edge in sports and for general health & wellbeing.

Improve your child's breathing with these impressive benefits:

  • Easier Breathing & Clearer Chest
  • Longer Workout & Play Times
  • Improved Recovery Times
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Health & Wellbeing

The Better Breathing Kids device uses vibrations & resistance which mimics the cough mechanism to improve the oxygen delivery system for improved energy and sporting performance.

This device comes with dual resistance settings (low & medium resistance) for progressive performance.

Breathe in deeply, then place the device in your mouth and simply blow for 3–5 seconds at a consistent breath into the device to maintain the vibration, repeat this deep breathing for 10 repetitions (do not blow too hard). Do this 1–2 times each day for 5-10 minutes and 30 minutes before a workout or exercise for maximum effect.