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Difflam Plus Sore Throat Spray 30ml

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Difflam Plus Sore Throat Spray provides fast numbing relief of painful sore throats with a triple action formula.

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  • Anaesthetic + Antibacterial + Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anaesthetic action numbs the pain;
  • Antibacterial action kills bacteria, which can cause throat and mouth infections;
  • Anti-inflammatory action reduces swelling and inflammation, a major cause of sore throat pain.

In each spray:

  • Lidocaine hydrochloride 559 mcg
  • Dichlorobenzyl alcohol 338 mcg
  • Benzydamine Hydrochloride 510 micrograms


Age: Adults and children over 12 years

Dosage: Spray 4 times directly onto the sore/inflamed area. Swallow gently.

How often: Every 3-4 hours as required. Maximum of 7 doses (28 sprays) per day.

Before first use or after a period of non-use, prime the spray by depressing the pump until the mist is released.

After use, wipe the nozzle with a tissue to prevent blockage.


Do not use this medicine:

– In children under 12 years

– If you are allergic to benzydamine or other inflammatory medicines. If an allergic reaction occurs, stop taking and see your doctor immediately

– In the last 3 months of pregnancy

– If past the expiry date

See your doctor or pharmacist before use if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant.

While using this medicine:

– Keep out of reach of children

– Do not inhale this product

– Use with care if you are asthmatic

– Due to the anaesthetic effect, do not ingest hot food or drink directly after using the spray

– Avoid contact with eyes

– If symptoms persist, see your doctor or pharmacist.

Contains: Alcohol (15% v/v), Benzoates, Sucralose