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Go Healthy Go Probiotic 40B HOWARU Restore

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Original price $47.99
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Size: 30s

GO PROBIOTIC 40 BILLION is designed to maintain and restore good gut bacteria. Antibiotic medication, the contraceptive pill, alcohol and stress can create an imbalance of good and bad microflora in the intestinal tract which can lead to ill health. Having high levels of good bacteria in the gut is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and all round good health. GO Probiotic 40 Billion contains HOWARU restore ®, a scientifically researched  blend of 4 shelf stable and stomach acid resistant probiotic strains totalling 40 billion live cells.

  • Essential support during and after antibiotics
  • Restores and maintains good gut bacteria. Suitable for the whole family
  • 40 billion shelf stable and stomach acid resistant cells per VegeCap
  • Delayed Release VegeCapsule to ensure probiotic survival

*Shelf stable at room temperature up to 25 degrees Celsius

                                                  HOWARU restore®Containing 40 billion live cells:
                                                  Lactobacillus acidophilus 10 billion
                                                  Lactobacillus paracasei 10 billion
                                                  Bifidobacterium lactis (strain Bi-07) 10 billion
                                                  Bifidobacterium lactis (strain Bl-04)10 billion

                                                  Made by GO Healthy in New Zealand from select imported ingredients.
                                                  Dosing Guide

                                                  Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily (maintenance).

                                                  Adults: Can be increased up to 2 VegeCaps daily.

                                                  Children: (age 6 months+) Take 1 VegeCap daily.

                                                  Best taken with food. Or as directed by your Healthcare Professional. 

                                                  Once opened it is recommended to be refrigerated to extend life of cells.


                                                  Always read the label and take only as directed.