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Home Essentials Olive Oil 100mL

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Olives are thought to be the secret behind the enviable good health enjoyed for generations by the Mediterranean’s.

  • Massage oil
  • Skin oil
  • Moisturiser for normal, dry or irritated skin
  • Loosen ear wax – Just a few drops in each ear and secure with a cotton bud.
  • Screw top jars – Rub a little Home Essentials Olive Oil on the inside of screw top jars when bottling fruit. This helps prevent rust and makes lids easier to unscrew.
    Lubricate kitchen equipment

Whilst we have taken all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of this information, we cannot guarantee the suitability of any product for any particular purpose. We accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from direct or indirect reliance upon information contained within this Home Essentials handy hints guide. The information contained herein is intended for educational purposes only, it is not intended to replace qualified medical healthcare.

Important note on stain removal – Before you begin, remove as much of the solids as possible, and blot up as much liquid as possible. Dab the stain, don’t rub. Begin at the outer edge of the stain, working your way towards the centre. If possible apply treatment from the back of the fabric. Be cautious with application, by applying too much solvent or rubbing too vigorously you risk spoiling the fabric. Never strengthen solutions if they don’t work. Always rinse fabric and let dry before trying another remedy. If you decide to take fabric to a professional cleaner, tell them what caused the stain and what home treatments you have already tried.

Recipes (Make Your Own)

Night cream:
Olive Oil has very soothing properties and is the perfect ingredient for a home-made night cream which will leave your face feeling soft, nourished and smooth when you wake. Gather together 1/2 a cup of Home Essentials Olive Oil, 3 drops of Home Essentials Lavender Oil, 3 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Tbsp of water. Mix the olive oil and cider vinegar. Add water slowly until a smooth white/yellow cream forms. Add the Lavender Oil. You will need to give this a good shake before use every night as the mixture will settle.

Oil painting mix:
Delay the drying out of your paint palette, make a 50:50 mix of Home Essentials Olive Oil and Safflower Oil. Add a drop to each ‘nut’ of paint on your palette.