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LIFT Glucotab 10s

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flavour: Orange
Lift Fast-Acting Glucose Chews give you a boost to help you get through the day, keeping you alert, attentive and awake without caffeine.

Each tablet contains 3.6g carbohydrate (more than other leading brands), mainly in the form of dextrose (glucose) yet contains just 15 calories. Glucose is the most brilliantly outstandingly natural boost known to man, woman or beast and these tablets contain fast acting glucose to help raise blood sugar levels rapidly.

Lift Fast-Acting Glucose Chews are free from gluten, dairy, lactose, wheat, nuts, animal products, artificial colours and preservatives and caffeine. They are suitable for most people including vegetarians, vegans, asthmatics, diabetics (following medical advice), pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people with high blood pressure or thyroid problems and can be used with other medication.