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Nurofen for Children DOUBLE strength orange 200mg/5ml suspension (200ml)

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Nurofen For Children is a pleasant tasting sugar free syrup formulated to relieve pain and fever in children. Effective Relief: ✓ Reduction in temperature for up to 8 hours including fever caused by immunisation ✓ Temporary relief of pain associated with ·teething ·headache ·toothache ·minor aches ·earache ·sprains & strains · sore throats ·colds & flu


DOSAGE GUIDE Age: 5-7 years (average weight 18‒22kg), dose: 4.5 ‒ 5.5 mL 7-9 years (average weight 22‒28kg), dose: 5.5 ‒ 7 mL 9-12 years (average weight 28‒40kg), dose: 7 ‒ 10 mL Repeat dose every 6-8 hours as necessary with a maximum of 3 doses in 24 hours. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not give to babies under 3 months. Seek medical advice before giving to children under 1 year.

 Contains 200mg ibuprofen per 5mL dose | Contains sodium chloride and sodium saccharin | Sugar-free | Colour-free | Contains no aspirin, alcohol or aspartame. 30ml (maximum daily dose) contains 13g maltitol. Products containing maltitol may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea