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Piksters CRUSH Whitening Strips 28pk

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Style: Watermelon
Crush your week with a lovable bright smile thanks to Piksters CRUSH Watermelon Whitening Strips. Try Piksters CRUSH Coconut Whitening Strips for a brighter & whiter smile that has the potential to captivate, enchant, and make hearts skip a beat!
Contains hydrogen peroxide (HP), the ingredient dentists use. With the maximum retail HP strength (6%), whiten your teeth without visiting the dentist to remove stains caused by common culprits like coffee and wine. Plus, these super thin and comfortable strips are coconut flavoured for a brighter smile with a pleasant aftertaste.
You can even wear the sticky whitening strips when out and about. Whether you're shopping up a storm, smashing it at work, or on your daily commute, your little secret is safe with us. No one will suspect you're on a secret mission to brighten that smile of yours!
• A watermelon flavoured whitening experience
• Contains hydrogen peroxide (HP), the ingredient dentists use. Plus, is the maximum retail HP strength (6%)
• Super thin & comfortable
• Dreamy pastel packaging you won't want to hide
• Discreetly wear when out and about
• Contains 14 upper, and 14 lower strips


Active Ingredients:

6% W/W Hydrogen Peroxide

PVP, Glycerin, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Water, Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Menthol, Aroma.


1. Unleash the magic: Tear open the packet, grab a strip, and peel it away from the backing film. 2. Mirror, mirror on the wall: Apply the upper strip to your teeth, aligning it with the gum's edge, and fold the remaining strip behind those pearly whites. Repeat with lower strip to spread the love. Leave it on for 1-2 hours. 3. Time for the big reveal: After around an hour or two of suspense, peel off the strip. Don't expect it to happen immediately - but every time you do it, it gets better and better. For jaw-dropping whitening, leave strips on overnight (see notes inside for extra sparkle).


DO NOT SWALLOW. If under 16 years old you should not use this product. If your teeth are sensitive to whitening, reduce duration & leave greater intervals between whitening sessions.