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UnPackaged All Purpose Cleaner Refill Tablets (4 tabs)

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  • Refill without plastic
  • Space saving eco cleaning tablets
  • Non toxic, effective ingredients
  • Cruelty Free
  • 4 x All Purpose Spray Cleaning Tablet Refills included, 2 tablets make 500ml of spray
  • Fragrance free, suitable for sensitive noses.
  • No dispensers included

2 tablets makes 500ml cleaning spray

Instructions for use: Work best with a 500ml clear spray bottle. You can use your own bottle at home, or purchase a refillable glass foaming pump bottle from Unpackaged.

  1. Simply fill the bottle with 500ml of warm water.
  2. Drop 2 tablets into water and leave to dissolve.
  3. Start cleaning! Simply spray surface then wipe clean until dry. 
  • Sodium carbonate, Berol 2265A, Dosium sulfate, citric acid anhydrous, sodium silicate anhydrous, polyethylene glycol, sodium benzoate, EDTA
  • Handle tablets with dry hands, wash hands thoroughly after use
  • Do not mix with other detergents.
  • Dissolve with water only
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • If swallow, do not induce vomiting
  • If in eyes, rinse with water immediately
  • If irritation occurs, please see a doctor or contact the Poisons Information Centre 0800 764 766
  • Store at a cool dry place