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USL Kinesiology K-Tape Black 6m

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USL Sport Premium Kinesiology Tape is ready to stand up to rigors that kiwi athletes are subject to. This high quality cotton fabric tape is breathable and comfortable to wear. The water resistant, robust, and skin friendly adhesive is perfect for application to many different areas of the body. You will no doubt be impressed by the quality and effect that this tape has to offer!

USL Kinesiology K-Tape is designed to help increase blood circulation arond muscles and aid the removal of lactic acid to enhance performance, assist in injury management and aid rehabilitation. Apply USL Kinesiology to the skin in patterns that mimic your muscles/

Key Features:

  • 5cm x 5m
  • 100% Latex and Zinc Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Air permeable
  • Strong Adhesive