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Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

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Household heating systems in the winter and air conditioners in the summer can rob the indoor air of its natural moisture. The lungs and respiratory tract are dependent on moisture to function effectively. The Vicks Vaporizer provides appropriate humidity levels to keep respiratory systems moist and healthy and helps relieve the mucus associated with cold and flu symptoms. The Vicks Vaporizer helps relieve the symptoms of nose and throat congestion, coughs and a parched throat by thinning mucus and draining sinus passages. This clears the nasal passages for easier breathing and relieves dry, scratchy throats. Using the Vicks Vaporizer overnight ensures sleep is more restful with gentle, natural steam therapy. Steam vaporizers boil water and emit a warm, pure vapour into the air. Vaporizers are recommended for use in the dry winter months, as they provide the following benefits: - Keeping the respiratory system moist, allowing it to fight off bacteria, viruses and pollutants - Help prevent dry crusting in the nose - Relieve symptoms of hay fever - Relieve dry irritated and itching skin and eyes - Relieve dry, scratchy throat and cough

The Vicks Vaporizer produces 25% cooler steam than conventional vaporizers, helping to prevent personal injury due to steam scalds. This is especially important for young children who may be attracted to the vaporizer. The water is boiled to produce bacteria free steam and then cooled. New safe technology is used to generate the steam rather than old style live electrodes.

  1. Fill the water container to the MAX water level

  2. For added comfort, pour Vicks VapoSteam directly into the water or into the vaporizer cup

  3. Place the vaporizer into position

  4. Plug in and switch on power


If symptoms and cough persist, consult your doctor.