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Dermasoft Lotion Dry Sensitive 250ml

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This moisturising lotion is effective for the relief and protection of dry, or itchy skin conditions. The mild formula is suitable for the body, face and hands, and the neutral pH (5.5) helps preserve the natural and protective acid mantle of your skin.

Beneficial not only as a moisturiser, this product also contains an antipruritic (soothing) agent to help relieve itching, and is suitable for a wide range of dry and itchy skin conditions.

Dermasoft Dry Skin Lotion also contains Lactic Acid to help promote normal skin exfoliation.

Use as an everyday moisturiser and as an aid to help relieve dry skin conditions associated with atopic eczema, aging skin, and for infant care in cases of dry skin, nappy rash, and following measles and chickenpox.