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Harker Herbals Children's Wind, Calm & Settle (150ml)

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Calming digestive formula to settle stomachs, ease wind and bloating and aid digestion. Suitable for babies & children to 12 years.

  • Settle symptoms associated with bloating and wind
  • Calms upset stomachs and settles digestion
  • Encourages settled rest by relaxing the nervous system
  • Useful support for babies experiencing discomfort after feeding.
  • Sweet orange flavour
  • Free from gluten, dairy, alcohol and preservatives

    Each 5ml dose contains:

    • DILL 6mg
    • CHAMOMILE 2142mg
    • MANDARIN OIL cold pressed 468.4mg
    • LEMON BALM 5.75mg

    In a base of chicory root fibre, vegetable glycerine, natural flavours, citric acid and water

    This low sugar formulation contains less than 0.06g of sugar per 5ml dose.
    • Infant 0-1 years: 0.5ml (10 drops)
    • Children 1-2 years: 1 to 2ml (1/4 metric teaspoon)
    • Children 2-5 years: 2 to 3ml (1/2 metric teaspoon)
    • Children 5 years and over: 5ml (1 metric teaspoon
    • Take recommended dose by age group as needed to calm upset tummies and colicky babies up to 6 times per day.
    • Shake well before use. Squeeze to dispense syrup onto spoon OR use a syringe to draw recommended dose
    • Do not exceed stated dose.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • If taking prescribed medication, we recommend seeking professional medical advice before taking our products.
    • Always read the label and use only as directed.
    • Take extra care when using on infants under 2 years as serious illness may develop quickly.
    Storage Conditions
    • Store in a cool dry place and use within 12 months of opening (no refrigeration necessary)