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Home Essentials Glycerol BP 100%

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Glycerol can thin a gluggy nail polish, help remove stubborn stains from clothing and moisturise the skin.

  • Stain remover – Sponge stain and leave for 3-4 hours then wash as normal.
  • Skin moisturiser – Apply diluted with an equal amount of water.
  • Cosmetics – Add a few drops to nail polish or mascara to help thin product that has gone gluggy.
  • Cut flowers – Add a couple of teaspoons to the water to prolong flower life.
  • Defrosting – After defrosting your freezer wipe it with Home Essentials Glycerol, next time you defrost the ice will slip off in sheets.
  • Fridge cleaning – Wipe the inside of your cleaned fridge with Home Essentials Glycerol, to help make spills easier to wipe off next time.

Disclaimer: Whilst we have taken all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of this information, we cannot guarantee the suitability of any product for any particular purpose. We accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from direct or indirect reliance upon information contained within this Home Essentials handy hints guide. The information contained herein is intended for educational purposes only, it is not intended to replace qualified medical healthcare.

Important note on stain removal: Before you begin, remove as much of the solids as possible, and blot up as much liquid as possible. Dab the stain, don’t rub. Begin at the outer edge of the stain, working your way towards the centre. If possible apply treatment from the back of the fabric. Be cautious with application, by applying too much solvent or rubbing too vigorously you risk spoiling the fabric. Never strengthen solutions if they don’t work. Always rinse fabric and let dry before trying another remedy. If you decide to take fabric to a professional cleaner, tell them what caused the stain and what home treatments you have already tried.

Recipes (Make Your Own)

Dry skin lotion
Mix 1 Tablespoon Home Essentials Rosewater with 2 Tablespoons of Home Essentials Glycerol. Smooth over arms and legs at night, rinse off the following morning.

Liquid hand wash
Gather together 250 ml boiling water, 2 tsp Home Essentials Glycerol, 2 tsp Home Essentials Rosewater, 10 drops rose essential oil (or any of your choice), and 2 tbsp soap, grated. Add grated soap to boiling water, stir and then let sit for about ten minutes until it melts. Then stir in Glycerol, Rosewater and essential oil. When the mixture is smooth, pour while still warm into an empty soap dispenser bottle, as when cold it will set to a jelly and be hard to pour.

Glossy lip balm
Mix up a paste of Home Essentials Glycerol and Home Essentials Petroleum Jelly, to either wear on its own or over lipstick.

Glass and mirrors mix
Wipe with equal parts Home Essentials Glycerol and Home Essentials Methylated Spirits to help keep them fog free.

Mixture to soften dry spills
Dilute 50:50 with water.