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Scholl Corn Removal Pads

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Scholl Corn Removal Pads are especially developed for use on hard corns. Contains fast acting medicated discs which ensure that only the specific problem area is treated, without affecting the surrounding skin.

  • The super soft pads provide cushioning and protection.
  • Especially suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive

Product pack contents: 9 pads and 9 medicated discs


Each medicated disc contains Salicylic Acid 6.36mg (equiv. 40% w/w)


Ensure feet are clean and dry

Remove the brown adhesive disc from the backing paper and place firmly on the centre of the corn

Then remove the cover pad from the backing paper and place it centrally over the medicated disc so that the oval shape is lengthways on the toe

Press gently on the pad for a few moments to stick it in place

Apply a new medicated disc and cover plaster daily
The treatment may be continued for up to 14 days

Several days after the final treatment, the corn should come away from the surrounding skin as a plug of hard skin. The corn should not be picked at, but be allowed to loosen naturally

Following treatment, it is advisable to continue to protect the area with a pad or cushion, until the corn has come out and the skin has fully healed